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Top Luxury Home Improvement Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

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Luxury home improvements are in high demand. People long to transform their home into a space which has the look and feel of a resort getaway. When you make such a significant investment in your home, you want your improvements to last. Fortunately, there are many excellent resources for high quality, durable luxury home improvements which are trendy, yet will remain functional and fashionable for the long haul.

Top Home Improvement: A Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the first things people remodel when they are looking to improve their homes. Consider knocking out walls and raising ceilings in order to achieve a more spacious area.

New kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular luxury kitchen home improvements. The great news is that you can get luxury kitchen cabinets installed for you by dropping by your neighborhood Lowes or Home Depot. Many companies, such as CustomCabinets.com, offer custom-built cabinets made just for your special needs.

Granite or marble countertops can help to contribute to the beauty and function of your kitchen. On the other hand, engineered quartz countertops made from quartz particles and resins are less expensive and easier to care for.

Other popular additions include stainless steel appliances, including subzero refrigerators, built-in conventional and microwave ovens and cooktop ranges. Many people doing a luxury kitchen remodel prefer the gas stove, but those who prefer electric feel that the ceramic-glass cooktop is an absolute must have. Custom-built appliances can help you to give your kitchen a completely personal and individual design.

Hardwood flooring provides a luxurious surface for you and your family to walk on. Ceramic tile is another favorite; for the most luxurious look and feel, be sure to go with Italian porcelain.

Top Home Improvement: A Luxury Bathroom

Pamper and spoil yourself by remodeling your ordinary bathroom into a luxury spa retreat. Heated tile floors and towel warmers can help you feel toasty even after you climb out of the tub or shower. A whirlpool or jacuzzi bathtub will be the centerpiece of your luxury bathroom.

Then add a luxurious high-end steam shower with a rain showerhead, built-in FM radio, LED lights and chromotherapy to achieve ultimate relaxation. Some of these showers even come with multiple shower-heads so that two or more people can shower together. Enlarging the space of your bathroom will also contribute to its luxury.

Granite and marble counters are great for the bathroom area as well. For a more exotic touch, try installing onyx. Incorporating a bench will make the bathroom even more cozy.

By tucking a self-flushing toilet into a closet, you can make the area more private, convenient and comfortable. Another great idea is to add a high-tech sensor-activated faucet. You can top off your luxurious home spa with a built-in water resistant LCD television.

Remodeling your home into a spa-like resort is a worthwhile investment which will keep paying off for years to come.

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