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How to Create a Beautiful Garden Using Feng Shui

Submitted by NYCZ

Most people when they think of Feng Shui think of the indoors, and how to arrange your furniture and other items in your home or on your desk to help create harmony. However, Feng Shui is not just for indoor spaces, it can also include the land surrounding your home or business, for that matter. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say you have a garden on your land, whether it’s a flower or vegetable garden, you can employ the tenets of Feng Shi to have a beautiful and prosperous garden that will also amplify the positive chi or energy in and around your home.

The first step to using Feng Shui to create a beautiful garden is to clean and de-clutter your garden. Maybe you just moved into a new home and the garden was not maintained by the previous tenant, or maybe winters are harsh where you live, and now that Summer is here, you are ready to get your garden up to snuff. Whether your reasons for having a cluttered garden area are lack of time, the season, or only now having access as you just moved in, the first thing you must do is de-clutter. Clutter in a garden can translate into anything from actual garbage to being overgrown, and having a lot of weeds mixed in with the vegetable or flowering plants. So make sure you pick up all trash if there is any in your garden and throw it away in the proper place, recycle it if you can. Once you’ve done this then you need to pull any weeds that are growing too closely to the plants you want to keep alive and beautiful. If you have decorative bushes in your garden or yard, you should trim the ones that have become overgrown so that they look attractive.

Doing these three things will help to drastically improve the flow of energy or chi around your home. Then finally you want to make sure you maintain your garden. Pull off dead leaves and flowers from your plants regularly, and make sure to water them as needed. If you have plants that look dead or on their last legs with no hope of being returned to their original vibrancy then remove them from your garden so they don’t affect the chi around your home in a negative way.

In order to further use the tenets of Feng Shui either to create or maintain a beautiful garden you should incorporate the five elements into your garden. This will help to maintain balance and harmony in and around your garden and home thus improving the flow of positive chi.

The five elements are water, fire, wood, metal and earth. In order to create a beautiful garden, all five elements must be carefully balanced because if there is too much of any one element it can cause an imbalance in the garden and disrupt the positive flow of chi.

The best way to use the five elements in Feng Shui to create a beautiful garden is have one item which represents each element within your garden. Probably the easiest element to incorporate into your garden is earth, because after all, there is soil in your garden. However, I like to add one more item. Since you won’t want to unbalance the chi in your garden I suggest adding a few small crystals, or a plant or two in a clay pot. For the element water you could add a bird bath, or a fountain. There are small outdoor fountains that can be purchased for your garden. Don’t be afraid to incorporate more than one element into a particular item if you have to. For example you could have a metal sculpture of fire, this would cover both the metal and the fire element. Remember these items only have to represent the elements they don’t necessarily have to be made from them!

I hope you find these tips for using Feng Shui to create a beautiful garden useful.

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