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Reduce Clutter Using Feng Shui Principles

Submitted by Sweet Happening

Oriental Feng Shui uses ancient wisdom from the Far East to design our living spaces and make our environments more pleasant and productive. Feng Shui principles rely on Chi, which is the flow of energy to keep our homes vital and comfortable. One of the important principles of Feng Shui is to keep the home clutter free. Clutter makes our homes look messy and gets in the way. Clutter may also be an indicator of psychological state of mind.

Clutter includes irritations like unreturned phone calls, unopened mail, bills not paid and appointments not made. All indicators of a blockage in the psyche.

Clutter is often the result of hoarding. Objects that we keep that we no longer need or want. Objects that were inherited or given as presents often stay in our environments past their useful life. We keep things that we do not need. or want, and don’t know what to do with. Sometimes the clutter is a gift that was given to us by someone we do not like, or who has a negative association.

Our minds also get cluttered. Symptoms of a cluttered mind include the inability to let go of the past and move forward. Fear of letting go of the past can prevent us from moving forward. Cluttered thought processes cause us to stay in jobs and relationships that make us miserable.

We tend to let books, newspapers and magazines pile up, thinking that we will find them useful one day. Information is readily available in this day and age. printed materials are often obsolete even as they are running off the press. Old books and magazines sitting on shelves and collecting dust represent stuck energy. Chi cannot circulate around piles of old books. Dispose of old books by selling them, donating them to a used book sale or throwing them in a recycling bin.

Old clothing is a another big culprit in clutter. We hang on the old clothes hoping they will come back into style or they might fit again someday. Better to let go of the past and make way for the future.

Clutter and small chores left undone are depressing. There are many small tasks that can be handled in a minute or two. When these small tasks add up these is a major blockage. Chores like blown light bulbs that have not been changed and dusty shelves add up to a job that seems insurmountable.

If your house is cluttered, it took a long time to get that way. Clutter can be addressed in small chunks. Start out with a drawer. De clutter one small space at a time.

Go through the closets and pull out clothing that you no longer wear. Fill two garbage bags as you go, one for charity and one for garbage.

As you start to clear the home of clutter, you may find that you are breathing easier and thinking more clearly.You will start seeing piles of clutter that you have not notices for months or years. Get rid of the clutter. Organize what you have left in the newly cleared space.

Start to delete excess clutter in your life. Let go of the past and make way for the future. Use Feng Shui principles as motivation to clear your cluttered life.

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